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1948 Holden - This picture appeared in the sales brochure for the 48/215 Holden     1953 FJ Holden - This picture appeared in the sales brochure for the FJ Holden in 1953


48/215 Released in 1948                            THE FJ HOLDEN Released 1953.

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This website is dedicated to "Australia's Own Car", The 48-215 and FJ Holden. All information that is placed on this site is information that has been gathered over the last 25 years or so. fxfjholden.com would love to hear from anyone that has any stories about these wonderful motor cars, so sit back and take a ride (or click) through the 48-215 and FJ Holden motor car website.


Jack Rawnsley who passed away aged 99

Holden tribute for 48-215 engineer Jack Rawnsley

Pictured: Jack Rawnsley and the 48-215 taken in 2008 on the 60th anniversary of the first Holden. Courtesy of Holden - 22 February 2011

Holden is today paying tribute to Jack Rawnsley, the last remaining engineer to have worked on the very first Holden - the 48-215 - who passed away in late February 2011 aged 99. Mr Rawnsley will be remembered as one of a small team of Holden's best engineers sent to Detroit in 1945 to develop the foundations for "Australia's Own Car". Upon his return home in 1948, he was responsible for ensuring the car designed, engineered and built in Australia was tailored for the country’s harsh local conditions - something that Holden's have been known for ever since. Holden Chairman and Managing Director Mike Devereux said Mr Rawnsley was considered Holden royalty by employees past and present. “Jack and his colleagues were true pioneers and paved the way not just for Holden’s success, but the Australian automotive industry as a whole,” Mr Devereux said. “With Jack’s sad passing we lose a cherished link with our past but a daily reminder of his extraordinary work is his legacy of designing, engineering and manufacturing the best possible cars for Australian motorists.” Holden extends its deepest sympathies to Mr Rawnsley’s daughter Brenda, son John, extended family members and friends.

Holden 2nd Prototype. - There is rumors circulating the internet, that the second holden prototype has been found. fxfjholden.com are aware of this claim. Due to the authenticity not being established and many other reasons, fxfjholden.com does not want to be associated with this vehicle. If any other sites on the internet suggest that this vehicle has been authenticated by fxfjholden.com or pictures appear on this site, it is untrue and are false claims.

Victorian 2012 State Titles

35th VICTORIAN STATE TITLES will be held at Apex Park, Parfitt RD Wangaratta on 21st & 22nd October, 2012, Click on above image for more information.


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  Jason Ballards FJ sedan build - one of many builds that you can see on the forum section of fxfjholden.com Jason Ballards FJ sedan build - one of many builds that you can see on the forum section of fxfjholden.com



Paul Beck is the owner of this vehicle. This is the former Rex Webster's Hi Tech FJ that was around in the 80's now with Pauls touch to it.